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ilovemarkb | 15:30 Fri 12th Jan 2018 | Travel
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We might be going on royal carrabean cruise (NAVIGATOR OF SEAS). As newbies are unsure of a l lot of stuff. We have managed to find the price for southern comfort but are you charged extra for the lemonade (mixer)??


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I don't know any bar that doesn't charge extra for mixers. I'm giggling a bit because you may be going on a cruise and this is what is concerning you?
Some cruises do allow you to take alcohol on board.

I have just booked a P&O cruise and they allow 1 litre of spirits per person (or beer, champagne etc). Check the cruise paperwork or web site.

Note you can also buy "drinks" packages so check how much they are as over a full cruise it may be worth it.

I don't drink alcohol but do drink soft drinks (coke etc) so I bought a soft drinks package and it was great to be able to go up to any of the bars on the ship (about 20 of them) at any time of the day or evening and get a fresh cold drink.

You may find an alcohol package worth it.

I did my first cruise last year and had many basic questions so if you have any questions just ask here and we will try and help.

I found the Cruise Critic web site helpful as they review every ship and every cruise and every port so you can find out a lot before you go.

They also have forums where you can ask questions.
I would suggest that if the price of a Southern Comfort (with or without lemonade) is a critical factor in your decision whether to go then the trip might not be for you.
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The thing with a cruise is that even if you go on shore when you dock you still spend a lot of time on the ship (even more if some days are "at sea" days).

And while on board you do tend to drink (and eat) quite a lot.

There is food available almost 24 hours, and of course bars all over the ship, with only a limited number of other things to do on the ship.

You said you wanted a Caribbean cruise but if you have not done one before maybe do a cruise from Southampton (or a port near you) for a few days just to get the hang of it and see if you like it.

P&O do 2 days cruises from Southampton for example (to Bruges etc), or 3, 4 or 5 days cruises.

These are ideal to work out if you like a cruise and you learn some of the things to think about on a cruise.

Let me give you one example.

On the cruise we did last year we took the basic package which means we did not get a choice of times to eat our evening meal in the restaurant (you can of course eat at the buffet bar where the food is fine if you wish).

The restaurant had two sittings, 6:30pm and 8:30pm I think it was.

As we had the basic package we did not get a choice of what time to eat. As most people choose the 6:30 time we got the 8:30 time.

We don't like eating that late, and by the time we had finished our meal the 9pm entertainment had started in the theatre so we always missed the start.

For the cruise we have booked this year we have gone for the option where you can choose the time you wish to eat.

These are the little things you learn after you have done your first cruise.

I suggest perhaps taking a short local cruise first.

Great thing about a local cruise is you can take as much luggage as you like. If you have to fly to the departure point your luggage is limited by the airline.
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some very helpful answers thanks guys especially Guilbert. For the record (as light drinkers)we were just trying to tot up prices to see if drink package is worth it? NOT because we cant afford the mixer New Judge.
I was under the impression that most cruises offered an option of 'all inclusive' with drinks part of the package? Certainly the ones they have been advertising on TV this week do.
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All these inclusive cruises include alcohol in the package
These are ones I was thinking of,there have been a lot of adverts on TV for Iglu cruises recently.
My father just returned from a cruise and bought a booze package as booze was not included in the inclusive package.
Worth doing from his point of view.
As a non drinker I would resent paying for a stranger to get plastered all day everyday.

To the best of my knowledge drinks packages are available for purchase suited to the individuals preference.
No one has mentioned actual price. Please be aware on an RCI cruise drinks are expensive. A beer (not US stuff, something like a can of Boddingtons or bottle of London Pride) can be $7.50+. Similar price for something like gin and tonic. Cocktails will be more expensive, depending on what they are. If you buy an 'average' bottle of wine (say a Merlot or Cab Sav) you won't see much change out of $35...and all these prices are subject to 15% service charge. It all adds up! We have been on many RCI cruises and thankfully get a lot of our drinks free as a loyalty reward, but it can be very expensive, so think about what your drinking habits are before purchasing a package. For info, you are allowed to take 2 bottles of wine per cabin on to an RCI cruise at embarkation... no top ups during the cruise! You are also allowed to take on water and sodas more or less unlimited.
Slightly off the main topic but be wary about the Norwegian Hurtigruten trips, they're very good, the boats are far better than we had expected for a scheduled mail boat but the drinks are beyond eye-watering, 70 euros for a bottle of wine, about 12 euros for a beer. The plus side was that you don't have to negotiate any drunks!

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