B&b In Or Around Hawes

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Christianne | 10:13 Fri 21st Apr 2017 | Travel
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I would like to take my husband to Hawes in Yorkshire for a special occasion, if anyone could recommend a really lovely B&B, I would really appreciate their help. Many thanks.


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not really B&B, but this place is rather nice -
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(139 reviews on TripAdvisor, with 138 of them rating it as 'Excellent'!)
(297 reviews, with 294 of them being 'Excellent')
(311 reviews. 288 'Excellent')
(281 reviews. 277 'Excellent')

If you want to right out in the countryside, go for Thorney Mire Barn.

If you want to be near to the shops and pubs, any of the other three would meet your requirements well.

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B&b In Or Around Hawes

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