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Fao Andy Hughes

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Prudie | 20:57 Wed 21st Jan 2015 | Travel
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Andy, not really allowed to ask you this on any of the heavy threads you're currently involved in :-) Just wondered how you enjoyed your Caribbean cruise, mainly because I was in Barbados and Antigua over the Dec/Jan hols.


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Prudie...was it nice? I'd love to go on a cruise but OH is a bit scared of water.
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I didn't cruise ummmm but I read that Andy said he was flying to Barbados to join a cruise on the last day I was there. I wondered what he thought. I used to think a cruise would be my dream holiday but now I'm not sure I'd like the restriction of just one day here and one day there.
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Sorry to butt in, but mrs L and I have booked a Caribbean cruise for Easter 2016. Can't wait.
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I have a friend who loves cruising with her OH but for them it's the onboard evening stuff they love. She takes about 15 dresses and 12 pairs of shoes.
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butt in all you like paul :-)
Thanks Pru. We have cruised a few times (good way to see the
World, we reckon), but our first visit to the Windies. Sailing from Barbados, and one of our ports of call is Antigua.
Have fun Paul and let us know how it was. I may be able to persuade the OH in the end.
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Have a wonderful time Paul, the islands and sea are breathtaking. I just love Antigua (Barbados was very busy and built up)
Can you still get a banana boat to/from the Caribbean ? I came back from there ( about a million years ago) on a banana boat, and there were only 12 passengers. 4 double staterooms, 4 singles. We were treated like kings, waited on hand and foot. Not a lot to do, though. The only thing not on the menu was bananas.
I'm a late comer to cruising but I love it.
I will live on a cruise liner when the kids have buggered off.

I do also like getting in the car and setting off into the sunset without any particular end venue in mind.
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Never had you down as a cruiser Talbot.
here's a snap of a couple of boats in Antigua this Christmas.
I`m assuming that wasn`t at English Harbour?
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No, the liners only go to St John's where that was taken :-)
St John`s?
Hi Prudie,

It was fabulous thank you - we did it at the same time last year, which is why we went again. Food and sunshine were fantastic, as are most of the islands. Really relaxed now, but somewhat cold!!!

ummmm - "Prudie...was it nice? I'd love to go on a cruise but OH is a bit scared of water."

If you cruise on a large ship like the Ventura, which carries over 2,000 people and over a 1,000 crew, it is hard to remember that you are moving most of the time - it's just like being on land.

Try one of the weekend 'taster' cruises that go from Southampton for a couple of days, that will convince him!
Don't forget to take his factor70 for when the ship gets out of Southampton, ummmm
Lol, Talbot :-)
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