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Ann | 21:52 Wed 18th Sep 2013 | Travel
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We (OH and I) are both on blood pressure medication which keeps it in check very well at twice yearly checks, never been high since either started taking it about 7 years ago. Also OH had heart attack 8 and half years ago but thankfully recovered well and has not been ill since.

Does anyone know of a travel insurance who will not question and question the fact that I am on a "combined" dose of BP meds, they seem to think because I take two different brands this is extremely serious, I keep telling them the 2 were designed to work together but they don't understand. Also whenever they know OH had a heart attack, they throw their hands up in horror and raise the premium nearly double!!! I got so cross last year after being on the phone for absolutely ages, I asked them if they were medically trained. "No" was the answer, "we just follow our guidelines!"

I'm tempted not to declare any past illness or medication but is that risking it? I have tried several companies in the past including Saga last year but they all seem to assume we are on our last legs! Anyone recommend any good companies please?


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Hi Ann

Simply contact this specialist broker and let them sort it out for you:

NB: That link isn't just from a bit of googling. That company is widely recommended on the websites of charities helping people with disabilities or medical conditions. I've posted that link many times before and quite a few people have said that it's helped them.

Just to add to the excellent answer above, if you do not declare all your medical problems then any travel insurance can be void in the event of a claim.
Don't risk it. If you do and need to claim they will try and argue that seemingly unreated conditions could be caused by your bp / heart attack so they are not liable, eg broken leg - you might have fallen over because of high bp, food poisoning - you might have been more susceptible because of past heart attack.
YOu must declare. If you don't and anything happens, and it subsequently comes out, the whole of your travel policy will be cancelled and you won't get anything.
Try Avanti. Blood pressure meds don`t make the premium terribly high and unlike a lot of other companies these days, you can exclude that condition (I`m not saying that is wise, but it is do-able)

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