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Family Travel Insurance..

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sara3 | 20:43 Fri 19th Jul 2013 | Travel
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my daughter is jetting off on Sunday, and needs travel insurance. as we're expecting to take at least one family holiday this year I was looking at an annual family policy.

is my daughter covered if she's on her own (as in.. not with the family)? she is 19 and will be named on the policy.

thanks :o)


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Family travel insurance normally only covers members of a family travelling together.

However an annual policy for your daughter, covering Europe, shouldn't cost more than about £20 (or around £30 for worldwide cover):
Question Author
poop, I'd found an American Express family annual policy for £21.95!

she'll have to pay for her own policy then!

thanks Chris, appreciated :o)
she'll need to move fast.... the post office one is pretty good.
Question Author
it's done Boxy, thanks.. the Post Office quotes were quite dear, and I usually chose them.

she got an annual policy for under £15 with American Express. I'd have thought they'd be very expensive!
That's good!
Question Author
I was surprised.. I've probably missed something vital ;o)
Some policies would cover your daughter - if you hunt around you'll probably find one

ISTR from one I had some years back that would provide cover - provided different family members didn't go on different holidays at the same time

But as she's found a cheap policy of her own that will save you the bother
Question Author
thanks dzug.. I'm just too lazy to read 80 pages of "small print" that kept popping up, so went for the simpler option!

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Family Travel Insurance..

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