Want to cruise but I'm a solo traveller.

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Amus1 | 22:28 Sun 04th Mar 2012 | Travel
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Why is it so expensive to travel solo on a cruise. It's really annoying. I'm in my 20's and would like to cruise but having to pay a 200% single supplement is a bit ridiculous!
Surely there must be other people in same situation as me. Any ideas? People have suggested finding travel mates online but not sure whether that's a good idea. Has anyone on here done that? Any thoughts?!


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Start here:
and here:

22:35 Sun 04th Mar 2012
If you would accept a river cruise I went up the Nile with Travellers Jules Verne. No single supplement and a fabulous time. Went in October half-term. Hot but not excessively so. All meals included. Choice of exta excursions. Very knowledgeable guides provided. The one attached to our group (not more than ten) was a dishy male. And me a doddering granny.
Trip great value for money. Excellent food, good service, but the towel sculptures were a bit of a shock.
some NCL ships have single cabins.
if you read the fine print on most of the cruise lines, they will tell you that they will try and set you up with other singles so that you can contact them and see if you are compatible. If you are, you can still get the discount price. I have never used this, but have heard good stories about people who have. I would guess that if you go to the website where people write reviews, you might find information that tells about matchups for singles.
I have a very good solution for you. Go on the cruise with me and both our problems are solved. This is a very singlist world we are living in. It is a relationship based culture and not all of us are single through choice.
I can empathise with you, Amus1. I would love to go on a cruise too but supplements make it so expensive. I would suggest going with you but am a widow of 66 so would be a bit old.
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Well, no sign of a cruise for me yet, this year at least. It's just too expensive really. Maybe I can persuade someone in the future.

Thanks for the info & links everyone. Perhaps I'll take a closer look at the small print too?!

Spotit3 - I don't think age is important - I actually spend my Working life with people 40 years older than you! Johnnyboy- yes everything is geared mainly for couples these days which sometimes I find very annoying!

I suppose I'll keep looking!
Didn't mean I was too old to go on a cruise, Amus1, just that I was too old to go with you! :)

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Want to cruise but I'm a solo traveller.

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