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Train Journey

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JackDanielsU | 00:17 Tue 20th Sep 2011 | Travel
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As ever in a time of need I come to you my fellow Abers to see if you can help

Friday 23rd - I need to leave Southend and goto Banbury

Sometime on Saturday Im going to Rugby, but Ive got that bit sorted

Sunday 25th Im leaving Rugby to get back to Southend

So my query is - What train ticket do I get? - Do I have to get 2 singles, can I get a return somehow? - Any help much appreciated as always


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Put your journey into and see what it offers..........
Because Banbury isn't en route to Rugby by rail (and Rugby isn't en route to Banbury either) you can't use a return ticket to either destination. (A return ticket to Coventry would cover it, because one route from London to Coventry goes via Banbury and the other goes via Rugby, but the expense is too great)

A single ticket from Southend Victoria to Banbury (via Liverpool Street and Marylebone) costs £44.70. There are no discounted 'Advance' tickets available on Friday for that journey in its entirety. (But see below for breaking it into sectors). A single ticket from Rugby to Southend Victoria costs £46.60 so, initially we're trying to beat a total of £91.30 for your two journeys.

However the return journey can be found cheaper by travelling on any of the following departures:
1104, 1133, 1325, 1426, 1526, 1624, 1726, 1826, 1926
Each of those services is priced at £28.50.
If you can wait until the 2105 departure, the fare is £23.00
The final departure, at 2204, costs £15.50
(NB: Those fares are for travel to Southend Victoria, not Southend East)

So, assuming that you take a £28.50 fare to get back, our current lowest total is £73.20. Now I'll try to beat that!

You can travel from Southend East to Fenchurch Street on Friday for £10.00. That's an 'Anytime' fare, so you don't need to be tied to specific train times. (It's cheaper to London from Southend East than from Southend Victoria). The Tube from Tower Hill to Marylebone will cost you £4.00. (change at Embankment). There are £5.00 'Advance' fares available from Marylebone to Banbury at 0700 and then on 7 trains between 0937 and 1237. There are also £5 fares available at 2107, 2137, 2207 and 2237. If those times aren't convenient for you, you can still get some good bargains as long as you avoid the peak period 1510 and 1937. (You'll pay either £7.50 or £12.50).

So, assuming that you can use one of those £5 fares, your outbound journey now costs £10.00 + £4.00 + £5.00 = £19.00. So we've now got the return fare down to £47.50 But I've not given up yet!

You can beat the £28.50 'Advance' fare, from Rugby to Southend Victoria by buying an 'Advance' ticket from Rugby to Euston (and by travelling back to Southend East). If you're prepared to travel on the slow services from Rugby, there are plenty of £6 fares available. (If you'd rather travel on a faster train, there are plenty of £9.50 fares available).

So, assuming that you can get a £6 far, your return journey (to Southend East) will cost you £6.00 + £4.00 + £10.00 = £20.00

So I make it £19 out + £20 back = £39 in total (which is a 57% saving on the full fares).

Remember that 'Advance' fares rise as you get nearer to the date of travel, so book a.s.a.p. (Make sure that you allow at least an hour between your arrival at Fenchurch Street and your departure from Marylebone. As long as you do so, if your inbound train is delayed, you'll be allowed to board a later service to Banbury without extra charge as long as you explain the situation to platform staff at Marylebone first).

Chris's answer just has to be the most complex and complicated that I have seen for ages and ages - and not far short of 4,000 letters by the look of it.

I got confused reading it.
Well here's a summary for you (and JD) Wolf:

Book 'Advance' tickets between Marylebone and Banbury, and between Rugby and Euston. Using the cheapest trains, they're £5 and £6 respectively. Travel from Southend into London from Southend East, or Southend Central (rather than from Southend Victoria) as it's far cheaper. (A tenner each way, with no return fares sold). Add on 2 x £4 for the relevant Tube journeys. Total £39.
Thanks - I hope JD manages to follow your instructions.

I get in a mess trying to plot a trip from Perth to Nottingham, using least amount of trains, avoiding big stations and not costing half my civil service pension.
Question Author
Ah Chris, you are without doubt a legend! I saw the Animal avatar, and knew youd have some cracking advice.

I did try the national rail enquires website, and etc but nothing seemed to fit my plans, so that has given me some ideas

Thank you all JD

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