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Last minute holidays

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sherrardk | 19:53 Thu 07th Jul 2011 | Travel
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Other than doing the obvious and searching know travel agent websites and googling 'last minute holidays', are there any other sites that I might be over-looking or should be concentrating on when looking for a last minute holiday? Thanks.


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One of my colleagues told me about a website where she got a good deal
I was going to suggest Travelzoo as well!

Teletext Holidays might also be worth a look:

Just in case you've forgotten them, the 'usual suspects' include
and Expedia:

Remember. as well, that you can sometime get good deals by booking travel & accommodation separately. (That's usually easier if you do it well in advance, but it's sometimes possible for last minute breaks). Alternatively, if you intend to fly, you might find something by looking at the websites of the airports in your area:

Ive been through travelzoo and would recommend them
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Thanks all - will pass the information on to my husband (I haven't got the patience to do the searching myself).
I would actually go to the travel agents themselves....they will do the searching for you and they actually seem to get better deals than the internet for last minute deals...
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Thanks for that too, ummm - will pass the info on to himself.
I've had some good deals in the past with Expedia and though I've not done package holidays, more city breaks and got a cheap flight and hotel deal. Saying that, on some of them it's been cheaping booking flight and hotel separately, looking at budget airline sites then the above sites for a hotel and comparing, itdepends on how much time you want to spend searching and how flexible you are.
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Thanks Jenna - we are hugely flexible it's just that there a a lot of us so not so easy getting something.
Ah ok, the numbers might be able to get you some bargaining power on an extra good last minute deal though maybe better to try that in person in an agency - someone who could help negotiate on your behalf to reduce the price for booking up so many last minute places.

Can see your difficulty though in getting flights, hotels etc... together but it might be where an agent you can speak to can come in handy and suggest ideas and options you might not think of.
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Take help of net, it will provide you all information which you needed. Here i am sharing a link of holiday place. I hope this is helpful for you.

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Last minute holidays

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