Charleston, Historic District, Mount Pleasant or else where?

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Brent pigeon | 22:34 Wed 26th Aug 2009 | Destinations
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We are coming to Charleston in late October and we wondered whether we should stay in the Historic District or Mount Pleasant. There is a bigger choice of hotels in Mount Pleasant, in fact the historic district is expensive but then, perhaps it is the best place to be for a visitor (we do not drive). Are there enough attractions elsewhere in Charleston for us to stay somewher other than the Historic District?


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This website is called

So UK means it is a UK (United Kingdom) based web site.

As your question relates, it seems, to the USA you may be better asking on a USA based web site.
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Can you suggest one? I thought this one was used by people on both sides of the pond.
It is. We stayed in a Days Inn /property_info?**********=05262

within walking distance of the historic district. Nothing fancy, it's just a motel, but it was fairly cheap (this was about 5 years ago, you'd have to check again) and very convenient. There aren't really many attractions elsewhere in town - the further you get from the waterfront the more ordinary it is - but the historic district is wonderful and easily seen without driving. Have a good time.
that link seems to work ok despite the asterisks but if you're wondering, the missing letters are property ID - closed up they turn into an offensive word.

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Charleston, Historic District, Mount Pleasant or else where?

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