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Can you drink tap water in Mallorca?

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Count_Emmup | 18:28 Mon 25th Jun 2007 | Destinations
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Or must you buy bottled? Also I seem to recall reading that there are loads of mosquitos there - is that true?

We're going to Cala Millor, if that's relevant.


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Everywhere abroad it is best to drink bottled water, which is very cheap abroad anyway.

The tap water on Majorca is salinated because there is a limited amount of potable water available there and the island often suffers drought conditions. Some islanders get drinking water shipped in by tanker from the mainland You can drink the tap water, but it's better not to as it's slightly brownish and tastes horrid. Bottled water is easily available and cheap and comes in bottles ranging from tiny (about 250ml) up to 10 litre. All the supermarkets and shops stock it. Everyone uses bottled water to drink, clean their teeth and cook with. Having said that, hotels may have their own filtered supplies - not sure about that as we only ever stay in a friend's house.

As for the mozzies - I always get bitten there, but then I get bitten everywhere, so that's no indication, really!
The worter in Mallorca don't taste quite like it orta
most of the water in the tourist countries of spain, portugal etc is 'safe' to drink.
the problem is, our water in the UK has loads of stuff added to it, so the water in Spain tastes so different to us, and can cause minor stomach upsets.

As a large bottle of water is only �1, everyone takes the safer option and buys it.
Tap water in Europe is generally perfectly safe to drink and in most countries north of the Alps it is almost certainly better than in Britain - in some countries it is far better. In European countries bordering the western Mediterranean, tap water is generally also quite safe but sometimes has some shortcomings in appearance and flavour. It is probably wise to regard water in countries on the eastern Mediterranean (east of Italy) as unreliable outside the larger centres. In North America the water is usually as reliable as in Europe but in the US in particular there is frequently residual chlorine present. Elsewhere in the world one needs to be more careful. It is no more true that everywhere abroad on must avoid tap water than it would be true to say that British tap water is always dangerous - although occasionally it is.

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Can you drink tap water in Mallorca?

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