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Kindle E-reader Questions

09:45 Tue 13th Dec 2011 |

Welcome to The AnswerBank's Kindle Question Round-up. Here we've pulled together a selection of the most common questions and queries about the Kindle (and other E-readers!).


"I'm Not Convinced a Kindle or E-reader is For Me": A discussion on the utility and usability of the Kindle. Some are unsure as to why they may want one, and others offer supporting arguements such as the ability to change text files, the compactness of the object and ability to "search" within a book.

"I'm Pretty Sure I'd Like an E-reader, But I'm Not Sure Which One! Help!": This discusses the differences between the Sony E-readers and the Amazon Kindle. There is also a discussion on Kindle lighting.

"I was considering the Kobo E-Reader over the Kindle, What's the Difference?": Further discussion to help you make an E-reader choice!

"Should I Buy The WiFi or 3G Kindle?": A discussion on the merits of different version of the Amazon Kindle. (Further Discussion Here)

"What About The Kindle Without a Keyboard?": Reviews of the Keyboard-less Kindles.

"And the Kindle DX?": Question on the 9" version of the Kindle.

"I'm Worried That I'll Never Go Back To Dead-Tree Books!": The AnswerBank users discuss whether they're still reading books made of paper, rather than e-paper, now that they're got a Kindle or E-reader.

"Can I Download Kindle Books To Read On My Pc?": A thread on whether you can read Kindle Books on your PC (The answer is "Yes!" by the way, click through to see how.)

"Where Can I Get a Kindle Mains Adaptor" & "Do I Need One?" Our users tell you exactly what you need to power your Kindle, and where to purchase one.

"Can Me and My Friends "Lend" Our Books to Each Other?": Read a guide on how to share books between Kindles.

"What Are The Basics Of Ordering Books Online?": A quick "getting started" question.

"Can I Buy E-Books From Anywhere Other than Amazon?": Our users help out those looking for free E-books and other bookshops.

"An Idiot's Guide To Free Books on the Amazon Kindle": Help for those looking for a way to add books to your Kindle.

"How Does The Kindle Deal With Pictures?": A question on how the Kindle deals with pictures.

"Are Kindle Books Abridged, or Full Versions?": An Answerbanker asks.

"Will My Kindle Speak To Me?": Kindle owners discuss the voices used by the Kindle when it reads out loud.


If you think we've missed a question from the list, please get in touch and we'll make additions!





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