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having probs with iphone4 jan 3rd 2011.....and the whole applestore thing.....anybody else feeling less than satisfied?

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entranced | 15:27 Sun 02nd Jan 2011 | Technology
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Hello all, i just bought an iphone4 las wk and already i wanna take it back. Incidently i tried googling iphone4 probs and there seems to be no issues posted since the middle of last summer! can that be so?
anyway, the socket for headphone jack is too big......gotta go back to the store for fix or possibly refund eh.......
1. the original store i bought it from made mistakes with email settings resulting in many miles to another store and lost time and money......[valuable holiday time i might add].
2.Now that i have a fault, i rang the store to find out if they have a replacement in stock and they cant tell me. answer given, that it is a different department.....ok put me thru to them,.....sorry cant do that reason this time....just cant. And this was the tone all the way.....not personal, but every turn blocked except what suited, i am many miles away, to go to the store would cost me a whole day of my break, Q.if the phone cant be fixed there and then will you replace the phone or give me a arefund?....Ans, I cant tell you...........They would have me travel to them, at my cost possibly only to find out that they cant fix problem and dont have a replacement in stock.When i asked about the replacement , i was told it would not be a new phone with a box but something other......a stock of phones held as replacents......and how do i know its not a reconditioned or second hand phone with a new front? not happy....has anybody else had issues?


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The headphone jack is too big (?) could you explain?
I think there may be a user intel to Device incompatibility issue.
the iphone headphone socket is standard size
Question Author
The headphone socket is at fault because it is larger than the 3.5mm jack.....its a manufacturing error............the other phone, maybe they will force the jack in and say its ok now?....praps they might actually look at it [and then force it in!]
Are you sure you've not got headphones with a 2,5mm jack? I can't see how the jack can be too big, for a start it wouldn't fit in the hole in the case, and secondly the next size up headphone socket is 6.5mm which is only just smaller than the depth of the iphone case!
you can always send it away for repair, you dont have to go to the store
what store were you dealing with?
Question Author
I know its a bit odd but the headphones are the white ones supplied by apple, they come in the same box with the phone.....i did of course try my beloved phillips but they showd the same issue.....guys.....the headphone socket is too big!....
I now see that it is a recognised problem. Take it into an apple store or have a look on YouTube to see bow to fix it yourself.

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having probs with iphone4 jan 3rd 2011.....and the whole applestore thing.....anybody else feeling less than satisfied?

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