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internet security current views??

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what..the? | 23:20 Tue 28th Dec 2010 | Technology
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had comodo recommended on here about a year ago,been using that on two pcs in the office free download from their site the 'internet security' has the firewall and anti virus in one package. Been ok it is a bit active and pops up complaining about almost everything, on my pc 2 -3 times in five when I turn the pc on first thing in the morning the comodo flashes up that it is not working properly, I ask it to fix it and it says sorry it cannot be fixed, it usually requires the pc it be restarted then it starts working again, I think it might be lack of speed on the pc the makes it struggle? Also I had a bad virus crash on the other pc it had to go to a specialist to fix and retrieve files this was with comodo but it turns out the person using the pc at the time had an alert come up and ignored it or clicked not to fix right now... don't know which one the person did? so that's not really comodo's fault its a user fault but it is a pity comodo didnt fix it itself?

Anyways got a sony laptop for home with sky wireless router etc had Mc Afee free for 3 months which has now about to run out, dont know whether to go the free route again or pay for a package? There are some good offers out there including Norton 360 for 1 year on 3 pcs £17 but I had bad experience with Norton being slow and not uninstalling.. years ago this was...but I have been told they have changed and are highly recommended now for their quick and light software?

Please has anyone any up to date views of free and user friendly software. I would be interested if you suggest Mc Afee as the the last 3 months it has been very good and hasn't bothered me once it does everything for me, is there is any offers as £40 a bit of a rip off for just 1 year esp if you can get other packages for free online?

Thanks in advance


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try microsoft security essentials.
its free
Question Author
yes heard that recommended a few times now
Agreed ...
If you can't afford a premium AV, use Microsoft SE.
I agree with baitress and AlBags, MSE is a good free choice.
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just installed that thank you.

Mc Afee is now all uninstalled as well as the main norton trial version of an online back up software which along with Mc Afee was pre installed. I have removed the main body of the Norton software through the 'add/remove programmes' and restarted but there still appears to be a logo on my desk top which is still click-able and offering me the trial? Is there anyway of getting rid of this rubbish, it seems more that just a short cut, and there is no more mention of Norton files being left on my pc within documents and/or software?
google norton uninstaller for the thing that will take norton off completely

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internet security current views??

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