BT Homehub2 connection issues

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Mattk | 22:58 Mon 20th Dec 2010 | Technology
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My internet has been down for the last few days and has finally been reconnected today.
The problem is that the connection drops occasionally between the homehub and my pc. The last time I posted concerning this I was advised to change to a different channel on the homehub which I did and now need to do again but my problem now is that the homehub won't recognise my password. The only option it gives me is to 'restore to default settings' but this is what I am using!
My pc is sat only a few feet away from the router but the connection strength is only 3 to 4 out of 5 bars.
I am new to wireless and am getting frustrated already!
Has anyone had similar experiences with the homehub?


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if you mean the password to log into the hub to make changes it's on a sticker on the back of the hub.
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Thanks and yes I do. A credit card style thing came with the hub detailing admin password, wireless key etc and that password had previously worked to allow me to log in and switch channel.
I have a BT homehub Matt, it is connected to my apple imac which has an "n" wireless connection, the same as the BT homehub, although I understand it does work with all the others, i.e. "g", "a" etc. My apple imac is about 10feet away from the homehub in the same room and is connected wirelessly. Once or twice lately it has disconnected but only for a second or two, normally 100% okay with excellent strength, presume could be weather and number of people on internet. I had problems a while back with connection and it was due to BT shutting my phone line in the main BT box, hence the connection was on a reduced signal, although you could not tell this from using the phone. In the end I complained so much they sent an engineer and he found that it was the phone line. Might be worth a though if it continues.
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Thanks Riptide.
The annoying thing for me is when it disconnects it is not a simple question of reconnecting to it. With our old wired broadband connection when it dropped it was simply a case of reconnecting either pc or xbox 360 but with homehub it needs to be manually restarted from the hub itself. Sometimes the connection reduces to 'local only' and last night the hub itself completely disappeared from the available options on several occasions.
My first experience with wireless is not impressive!
This should not be happening Matt, I connected mine via the ethernet cable and disc, typed in the password and then took out the ethernet cable and went wireless. I am not an expert and all I can tell you is what I have experienced. As far as I am concerned the BT homehub is an excellent piece of equipment and cannot fault it. I can only wonder if there is something wrong with your pc? Either that or as I said before, problems with your phone line. I wish you luck in sorting it out.

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BT Homehub2 connection issues

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