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Problems with PC ... and transferring Word to Laptop

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smurfchops | 17:49 Tue 17th Aug 2010 | Technology
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I have Windows XP on my PC, which is around five or six years old now. Very very slow to open and keeps crashing, on Word for Windows and internet. I have done disc clearance, updating, etc. However I have a new laptop, XP, which is a lot faster but doesn't have Word for Windows on it. I am wondering whether to ditch the PC, download Word for Windows on the laptop, transfer all my Word documents from PC to the laptop (can I do this via a disc?), and plugging the laptop into the printer when I need to. I am not technical, please let me know if I can do all this, the best way of downloading Word for Windows (do I have to buy Word software, or can I download something similar onto the laptop, for free?). If I download something similar for free onto the laptop, can I still download my Word documents off the PC onto this software on the laptop? Hope all this makes sense !


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If you have the installation disk for Word you can install it on your new laptop. If not, you can buy a copy, or use OpenOffice. OpenOffice is free and will allow you to open, edit and save you existing Word documents.

The easiest way of copying your documents from your PC to your laptop is by using a memory stick.
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Thanks rojash, I'll look for the disc. I know this is probably obvious -- I download the Word disc or Open Office onto my laptop. I download all my Word documents on a memory stick. I put the memory stick into the laptop ... then what ? Does it ask me what I want to do automatically ? And any ideas why my PC is so slow and crashing ? I do a Microsoft Security Essentials quick scan and there doesn't seem to be any virus.
cam i ask u a question
can u burn and copy dvds on your laptop
i used to be
not now
Question Author
quincy I must admit I've never tried. Do you mean copying photos off my laptop to a disc ?
Question Author
quincy, just saw your question. Ask a question in Technology, headed : 'Burning a Disc on Windows XP', then ask your question in the other box, good luck. I'm not technical enough to help myself, so I can't help you !

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Problems with PC ... and transferring Word to Laptop

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