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scotman | 23:13 Sun 09th May 2010 | Technology
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Hi all

I am slightly considering setting up system to get TV via internet. Sky site says I need 2MB minimum broadband and if on Win XP you need SP3.

Does anyone here get Sky this way.? Is SP3 really necessary and is 2MB sufficient for good performance?


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I watch all my TV via the internet (damm living in a lited building in the middle of a conservation area, I can't put dishes or TV aerials up!)

2mb is the minimum, but I'd suggest at least 4Mbs for reliable watching, especially if somebody else wants to be browsing the internet on your connection while you are watching TV.

I can't think of any cast iron technical reason why SP3 would be required, but you may find the software won't install unless you have SP3 installed. but more importantly, if you do not have SP3 installed you really should have as it provides a lot of critical security updates for windows.
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Thanks for that Chuck.
I am about 300m from exchange so typically get 7MB down and about 1MB up so no problem there.
I never bothered with SP3 as in its early days there were quite a few postings around saying it caused problems. My system works OK without it. If I install should I backup before doing so?

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Sky TV via internet

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