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inherited laptop

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Barney's pal | 18:50 Wed 23rd Dec 2009 | Technology
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My teenage daughter has inherited a laptop from my mother in law who died recently. The thing is it has never had an internet connection and my partners son says it is not a wireless laptop and he was at a loss as to whether it will connect to the internet with our router. He said it would only work on the internet if you bought a lead and plugged that from our main computer into the laptop, so my daughter couldn't use it in her room or around the house. Is this right, and also what lead would I need to get to get it to work on internet near our computer. any help appreicated.


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If it doesn't have wi-fi built in, you just need a dongle like this:
Id really suggest getting on of these, not a USB dongle as mentioned above.

USB dongle are very likely to get knocked on a laptop and either damage the dongle, or worse, damage the USB port on the laptop.

(oh and your router needs to be wireless too)
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Thanks Tom, does I have just ordered one, does this mean that when its connected we can connect to internet with the laptop in any room in the house?
>does this mean that when its connected we can connect to internet with the laptop in any room in the house?

Yes, it makes the laptop wireless enabled.

Mind you, you need to have a wireless enabled router as well.
Has the laptop got a PCMCIA slot?
Tom is right. You can also maximize the capacity of your laptop by unifying it with your other communication devices. It will the best tool that can manage your calls, voice mails, online faxes and even your mobile communication device.
Usually it's far cheaper to buy stuff like this from ebay. I've always purchased computer components from ebay rather than Amazon (I do not have a problem with amazon, I use them often for purchasing specific items). Sometimes even Argos are cheaper than Amazon for computer components - the bonus is you can go and get your items from the store (unless you have my luck which if you do, the item will be out of stock hehe). Chuck is right about the USB dongles, they do get damage easily although I have to say, so do the PCMCIA cards. In my experience for someone (especially a young person who is always throwing it around on their bed etc) I would get a USB dongle on a USB extention cable. I once had to replace a PCMCIA wireless network adaptor 3 times on someones laptop (they manage, don't ask me how, to snap the end off).

You've bought it now anyway so....
Just tell her to be careful with it on her bed, it's so easy to snap them off!
get one of these it will be much safer than having the wifi stick sticking out the back of the laptop
:p cherry, not in bed yet? naughty naughty lol
nope just going just seen this and thought i better post something but i am going now ,was just about to post a comment back on the other thread about doctors ,hope you get better soon you will be fine night xx
You too, look after yourself x

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inherited laptop

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