home phone cutting off internet

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papigo | 12:45 Wed 16th Dec 2009 | Technology
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can anyone tell my why whenever my cordless digital phone rings it dicsonnects the internet? have 2 cordless phones and both have their own telephone connection fitted with adsl (?) box. the internet has its own wall connection but they all share the incoming telephone line to the house. my previous cordless phone didn't do this but it wasn't digital. thanks for all your help. merry christmas to everyone!!


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two options here and you'll have to check to see which.

Either you have a problem with your internal phone wiring or one of your ADSL filters so when the phone rings it's causing the router to drop it's connection to the internet. if this is the case the internet light on the router will go out and you wouldn't get a internet connection even with a computer connected to the router with an ethernet cable or wireless. *if this is the case look at your internal wiring and consider new ADSL filters if everything else is OK


Your cordless phone is interfering with the wireless signal (they both use the 2.4Ghz frequency range) and causing the wireless to dissconnect. if this is the case the internet light on the router will stay on and a computer connected using a Ethernet cable will continue to work but any connected wireless will not work.

If it's the second thing then I would suggest logging into the routers admin pages and changing the channel the wireless uses on the roouter to try and get it a little further away from the frequency the phone is using.
mine did the same whether modem or router
i got rid of cordless phone bough a cheap wired one no more probs
i would like to see answers on this too on here, i never found any when i asked about this problem before i did the above

assuming you have a wireless router then sounds like yours was a wireless interference problem (see my second reason)


You've not mentioned if you are wireless or not, which is why I've had to give you two options it could be.

But if it's is interference from the phone the reason your previous one didn't effect it is because new digital phones work in the 2.4Ghz range (same as wireless) older analogue cordless phones worked in the 900Mhz range, which is a long way from the wireless frequencies.
its not wireless activated chuck - cable connected
i got a cheapo wired phone
i only bought the digital phone for show really i gave it my sister
its only used very infrequently, mobe is my phone of choice, if i could get a good reliable dongle with a 6mb connection i would get rid of my phone line

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home phone cutting off internet

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