Olympus X-42 or Panasonic Lumix DMC FS42??

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nep490 | 12:46 Wed 26th Aug 2009 | Technology
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I'm looking to replace my digital camera and have seen the Olympus X-42 and also the Panasonic Lumix DMC FS42 both in Argos. I haven't been able to find many reviews for either of these cameras and wondered if anyone could advise which one is best. The Olympus seems really good in comparison with the Panasonic value for money wise but the only issue I have is that the Olympus takes AA batteries and I had wanted to get away from that as my current camera eats batteries. I found one review which said you can take 150 photos off a set of batteries but I'm pretty skeptical because of my current camera. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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I'd see ordinary batteries as a real plus
I once got stranded in an airport for 2 days - my MP3 player takes batteries ... the ipod crowd were out of juce very quickly - I just bought a new set from the shop

get a couple of packs of rechargable batteries ...
my charger has a mains power supply, a 12V car adapter ... and a USB adapter
and I always carry 4 extra sets as spares
on holiday - I also buy a couple of packs of duracells just in case

battery packs are fine until your camera goes flat ... and you have nowhere to plug it in

if that happens with aa - replacements are easy to find
also - high capacity aa = �8
spare branded batt pack - a lot more that �8

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Olympus X-42 or Panasonic Lumix DMC FS42??

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