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Panasonic 32" LCD TV - Best Way To Connect DVD Recorder and Skybox

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starrs | 15:09 Wed 27th May 2009 | Technology
6 Answers
I recently purchased a Panasonic 32" LCD TV and have connected it to my DVD Recorder and Skybox as outlined in the user manual using gold scarts and rf leads. The picture is not very good when watching the tv and is even worse when watching something I have recorded on my DVD.

My questions are

1. What is the best way to connect the 3 devices.
2. Would a HDMI cable provide a better picture.
3. Should I use the 3 point audio/video cable that was enclosed with my DVD Recorder.
4. Are there any other cables that will provide a better picture.

Thanks for any help.


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When you bought it did a tall blonde man from the shop not call round and wire it all up for you? It was part of the extended warranty thingy.
starrs... listen to Dot... she knows what she's talking about... she connected up a PS to a tv earlier ya know...
have you tried that tuning in thingy that they do with tellys??
I've got this TV but haven't a daughter tuned mine in.......I do rent her out btw......
I know... bleurrggghhhhbh...
behave took long enough to send her home......she actually phrased it as "He wouldn't let me out of the house".............

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Panasonic 32" LCD TV - Best Way To Connect DVD Recorder and Skybox

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