How can i get my mp3's from my computer (usb 1.0) onto my external hard drive (usb 2.0) ??

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bannyboy | 14:39 Wed 27th May 2009 | Technology
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Heres the story...

On pc i have a good few thousand MP3 files and the hard drive is being stretched to its very limits!

I would like to transfer them all onto a external hard drive i have. But when i plug the hard drive into my usb points it dosnt show up in "my computer".

This is the external hard drive i have: ial-USB2-0-External/dp/B000EXZB0M

I think this is because my usb interface is 1.0 and the hard drive is 2.0. How should i go about transfering the files??

please help


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does it come up under my network places?

Its the only thing i can think of.
Do you have something already mapped as E drive? If so, try changing your existing device to say Z drive and try again.

What operating system do you use?

It should stil work in a USB 1 slot but it will be a bit slower.
or can you somehow highlight them all then click 'send to' and it might be there.
What version of windows do you have?
Question Author
Im useing windows xp

It dosnt come up under my network places and i cant send to.

I think the problem might be with my usb points. they are old 1.0 and my hard drive is usb 2.0.
have you used anything in the USB ports?

also right click on my computer, select properties, then click on the hardware tab and select device manager.

do you see anything like Universal serial bus controller listed?
Question Author
I have used a bluetooth dongle in there so it dose work ok.

Yea i see Universal serial bus controller and there is a drop down list which has:

Generic usb hub
usb root hub
usb root hub
If it's usb1 - would it be right to say that originaly it was 98?
I wonder if the bios can't address 500Gb?

see if this will ID the drive oupid=110&sid=3&lang=en
Question Author
yea thats right it was 98 but we upgraded it. sorry i should have said.

i have tryed that before and it didnt work .
Sometime it happens that all devices are not going to have all of the capabilities and features found USB 2.0.

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How can i get my mp3's from my computer (usb 1.0) onto my external hard drive (usb 2.0) ??

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