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Jan1957 | 13:26 Wed 06th May 2009 | Technology
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My hubby's friend has just put spotify on his lappy for him and he is able to download music. Can he burn cd's from his playlists? Or can he transfer the playlists to his Windows Media Player? Sorry but we are both beginners and are not sure how to proceed.

Thanks for any help.


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You can't do this Jan but what you can do to get round it is to set your windows sounds recorder to record from "wave out mix" press record, then play your spotify song.

The recorder will then create a file of the song on your computer which can be burned to CD.
Nope and nope.

The whole point of spotify is that you don't own the music but can listen to it whenever you want, like turning on the radio but with a bit more choice.
Sorry, typed my response before I read squarebear's. There are ways round it, but that would be just as illegal, and a lot more fiddly, than downloading the torrent.
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Thanks guys. Too complicated for me squarebear. I will tell him no!
You could pay for the Premier membership for listening music offline. or you can record it. There are lot apps for ripping Spotify music to computer. Here is the guide
well, if you want to download music from Spotify you can do it with a recording soft. i would recommend using audials tunebite, it basically records whatever you can hear on your computer and at the end you get the songs taggedm with name and title, it's pretty cool. afterwards you can also convert the files to different formats (mp3, wma, wav, acc etc.); so answer is a little bit late but i only discovered it recently myself so..yeah but if anyone else was wondering the same thing, i would def recommend using it (->; i went through a little bit of a trouble myself to find smth reliable so i hope this helps :)
Yes, now you can download music from Spotify and burn Spotify to CDs as well. You just need to get some apps to download the online music. You can try this: to get the steps to burn Spotify.

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