Slow internet - just switched to Sky Broadband Please help

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Nosha123 | 20:00 Sat 11th Apr 2009 | Technology
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Just switched from tiscali (2mb package) to Sky (8mb package) and internet is MASSIVELY slower.
Please help. SKy not being much use. I am on a Mac and SKy say... restart.. then run anti virus software.. then unplug your phone etc etc. Mac's rarely ever get virus's.. THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM> I think that in the switch over some settings have been automatically adjusted and that it I can tweak them it could improve. I just dont know enough to tweak them!
Router is from SKY (old one was a bought one, now in the cupboard). Router statistics state 7.6MB is coming down the line. SO why is internet so slow? Takes sometimes up to 30 secs just to load the page.
ANy help anyone?


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Slow internet - just switched to Sky Broadband Please help

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