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Ipod Touch - free apps/games and using without itunes ?

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andy15star | 10:41 Thu 22nd Jan 2009 | Technology
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Hello. Just wondering if there were any decent sites for free apps/games for the Ipod Touch ?. I searched google but seem to come to links where they are not free, or pop up windows etc. Just wondered if anyone who already has an ipod touch knows any good sites.

Also, how do i load them onto the ipod touch ?, would i need stand-alone software, or would i have to pull software in from itunes even though the software is not from itunes itself ?

And (finally!), is there an easier way of getting music/photos onto the ipod touch without having to use itunes ?. I find itunes a little faffy, and someone at work told me that there was software out there which you could use to "drag and drop" files onto/from the itouch ?

All the best,


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iPods work best with iTunes.

Newer model iPods and iPhones have their song database encrypted, making 3rd party software large incompatible.

You can unlock your iPod (and thus receive no further tech support from Apple if something goes wrong), allowing you to install all sorts of apps on there. This was largely developed before the official App Store opened, and was used by those who like to play about with their stuff, not the average user.

While this still works, the App Store is vastly superior in many ways, and as with all things Apple, I'd recommend you sticking to the official stuff for maximum support and reliability.

The official App store works through iTunes. You can download songs and apps straight from the iPod Touch though.
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Ah that's good advice there. Okay then i'll just leave it how it is. One thing though, if i don't want the itouch to automatically synch (i.e. i simply want to put songs/pics on if and when i want, i don't want it to auto-synch and transfer all the songs from the synch folder to the ipod because there might be songs i don't want on the ipod) then what tick boxes do i need to de-tick ?

Really, all i want is to plug it in to the computer and for it to do nothing, then i decide what i want on or off. Would prefer it not to be pulling files willy nilly from my laptop automatically. Is there an option to stop auto-synch and do everything manually ?

Going into iTunes Preferences, and in Devices, Click on 'Disable automatic syncing'. You can then just untick the tracks you do not want copied over to your iPod,

When you connect your iPod, click on the Music tab and tick 'Sync only checked songs'. Only those songs will go to your iPod, but you have not deleted them forever, they are still in your library.
Gromit said it best :)
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cheers all, i should have figured that myself shouldn't i ! - lol :)

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Cheers Scott ! - much appreciated,


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Ipod Touch - free apps/games and using without itunes ?

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