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Background sound with emails

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Coldicote | 23:55 Sun 28th Dec 2008 | Technology
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I have Windows XP and Outlook Express. In OE there is provision for adding background sound to an email: Create mail > Format > Background > Sound. A box opens inviting the name of the sound file, also a Browse option. Browsing opens a Media folder in Windows, which shows many brief sounds and one or two MIDI files. I have several MIDIs, one of them being 'auldlangsyne' for the new year. I've tried entering it in the 'box'; adding it to the Media folder in Windows and in several other places, including Desktop, but no way can I get the system to pick it up and play it as a background sound with an email. Has anyone else tried this and been successful? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Personally I find background noise in emails quite annoying. I put them straight into the bin.

As one of the most innane songs ever written Auld Lang Syne would definitely be binned.
You need to navigate to the actual file you wish to use.

In your case it is easiest to just copy the song you want to use into the My Computer/Local Disk C/ Windows/Media folder.
It will then show up in the media options as a sound file to use for Outlook Express in the Format > Background > Sound.
Question Author
Have no fear beso, I won't be sending you an email with sound. It's meant as just a bit of New Year fun with my friends.

Thank you wildwood. I obviously have more trial and error to explore and appreciate your interest.

I've got to agree with beso (bah humbug)
from 2 angles ...
1 it's bl@@dy aggravating
2 even a small sound file is quite a considerable size in e-mail years so for those not blessed with broadband .. or just with a slow connection... so unless you intend editing the soundbyte down to a reasonable size you'll be sending a 3Mb(ish) attachment

given that in defference to my wife and the neighbours I use earphones I wouldn't even realise you'd embedded sound unless I'd been saving the world with my trusty ray-gun and was still wearing my muffs

I have a good friend who regularly sends me jokes ... often with illustrations or sounds and it was on his account I turned off preview.
Question Author
Thanks for all the responses. You've made a valid point AC about the size of Wave files and the problem people would have without broadband. I think I shall have to settle for the satisfaction of knowing how to do it and leave it at that. As for 'auld lang syne' I know people have different fashions and favourites, but it seems to me a pity that traditional things are being scorned when many still enjoy them. All the best for 2009.

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Background sound with emails

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