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lopper21 | 22:24 Fri 19th Dec 2008 | Technology
5 Answers
i was videoing my xmas lights
suddenly the cam went dead
2 yrs old
plugged in to charge no luck
does not charge
its a canon mvx45i
your ideas please


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power unit bust
battery bust
camera bust

just check that everything that clips in is clipped in
Question Author
thanks for info
yes i doubled checked
as i said when videoing
just went
plugged it in to charge battery
i do not know if the batery is flat or not
does not charge up
thank you is their
anyway i can find out if the battery is dead or not
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Test the battery using a multimeter.

Was there a warning before the camera died such as a flashing battery symbol.
Certain batteries just go without warning, others die over a period of time where they hold their charge less and less each time.
Can the camera be powered from the charger. Not all can but some Sonys do this.
Question Author
sorry about slow reply
did not notice any warning sign
i had warning signs before
it said replace battery pack
i used to charge the batteries with the charger
the cassette is stuck in cam
thanks very much for your info

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