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My PC Mouse Keeps Stopping and Freezing the Computer

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Jenga | 20:41 Fri 19th Dec 2008 | Technology
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A couple of times recently my mouse has stopped working and it freezes the whole computer. I cannot even do Ctl Alt Delete, I have to turn it off at the socket to re-start it. I changed the mouse but it happened with the other mouse the following week. I hardly use this computer. It happened when I was using the internet.

The last time it happened two days ago when I went back in it had issues to fix which I get weekly, ie, scans and updates to do. It comes up with issues to fix every week (it is Windows Vista).

Do you think it is a computer hardware problem or could it be an internet problem? My guarantee runs out in a few days so any advice could be helpful please.


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My PC Mouse Keeps Stopping and Freezing the Computer

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