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Digital Photo Booths

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Birchy | 16:04 Tue 05th Feb 2002 | Technology
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I've heard that the best method for taking children's passport photos is in these public booths. How do I find out where they are? I live in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.


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stick to the old booths - i tried the digital booth at heathrow airport and the picture quality wasn't very good - i sent it off for my passport and they sent it back and asked for another photo - i have found the best way to take a child's passport photo is to wear a white t-shirt (you have to have a white background) and hold them on your knee is a normal booth (found in most railway stations and branches of woolworths) and the photos are great. i suppose the digital booths are technically better as you can re-take the photo if your child moves, but you can hold them still on your knee just as effectively and for a lot cheaper too. also the photo in your passport is now a colour laser print and not the real photo - i don't know if this makes any difference at all but just thought i'd mention it!. hope that helps, cheers esme
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Digital Photo Booths

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