Sky Digibox problem

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unigirl | 12:07 Sat 08th Nov 2008 | Technology
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My parents in Wales have an unusual problem with their Sky Amstrad digibox.

Channel 4, which has always been on channel 117 on the channel listing, has suddenly gone missing from the listing. The channels before 117 are there along with the ones afterwards and they all have the correct channel numbers attached to them. Yet C4 has gone AWOL.
They've looked on the EPG to see if C4 can be found elsewhere eg in the 900's like the BBC regional channels to no avail.

I did think it might be initially due to a conflict with S4C on 104 but S4C is on 104 as it should be and nowhere else. Besides, another digibox installed upstairs has both 104 and 117 listed on the EPG and working as do our neighbours.

They've tried the old trick of switching the box off and rebooting it a few minutes later to no avail.

Does anyone have any idea of what could cause this please?



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they could try a full system reboot via the hidden engineers menu...

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Thanks for that Mattk. I'll give them your advice.

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Sky Digibox problem

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