Low disk space reminder!!

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jigman1 | 20:04 Sun 21st Sep 2008 | Technology
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I own a Hewlitt packard pc with Vista and recently when I go on line a reminder comes up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen telling me that I have "low disc space . you are running out of space on recovery (D). to free space on this drive by deleting old or unecessary files click here."

I have done as requested only to find out that I don't have low disc space. Can anyone tell me how to stop this reminder from coming on wrongly. Thanks.


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Tad confused -
Don't know about the reminder but any programs/music/documents or whatever you have downloaded should be going on the C: drive . The recovery partition should just have a copy of the system as it originally came from the factory . As such you should not be deleting anything from it .
you should't even be seeing it .... recovery partitions are normally hidden

do/did you get a "press f2 (or whichever) to start system reovery" on startup?

the partitions are normally almost full - because not to would waste space on an "unused" partiton

billy is right you shouldn't add/remove anything to/from the partition.

you would seem to have two problems now
1 the hidden partition isn't hidden any more - and worse ... presumamby is no longer acting as a recovery partition

2 How has the partition got into this state?
is it you or someone fiddling
is it due to software or HDD corruption?
or is it caused by some malware (unlikely I think)?

how do you mean only to find out that I don't have low disc space
how big is D?

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Low disk space reminder!!

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