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flopsymopsy | 10:08 Mon 08th Sep 2008 | Technology
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I am concerned to read your several comments about avg and banking etc. I have recently had my mastercard cancelled because an attempt at fraud had been made but M & S will not tell me who the retailer was, and whether it was on-line but they did say I could use it for face to face transactions until the new card arrived. I am with Tiscali and wonder if it is worth purchasing Tiscali Spyguard, which states it safeguards on- line banking etc. I do practically all my banking on-line and some purchasing. I have used AVG Free for about 15 years and have never had any probs before. All comments welcome, but please keep to the subject question. Chemo has addled my brain, so plain english please. Many thanks. flops.


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Don't forget that anyone with your name, card number and security number (the three digits on the back of the card) can go on a spending spree over the telephone or internet.

If you have ever used your card remotely - by internet or telephone - you will have given these details. A rogue staff member is all it takes. Or even handed your card over for payment to be taken.

As your card issuer is allowing you to use the card face to face, I strongly suspect that the attempted fraud was by remote means.

It does not necessarily mean that your computer has been hacked, or your internet banking intercepted.

I have happily used AVG for years and do all my banking online. But if you have lost faith and need the reassurance, then �20 is not a fortune.
short and simple
kaspersky internet security
currently just about all the PC mags love it to bits and have it in their hotlist as top dog.

as keeps being said (by me at least ;-)
avg is worth every penny you pay....
it's a big bad worldout there ... and as protection gets better ... the scams get more elaborate.
you need a full time on line scanner ... not the "I'll do it when I have a minute or remember to scan"

if you bank online - it starts to matter
free is fine for silver surfers and wrinklies ....
once you start getting commercial - so should your protection. The odds are still in favour of it not happening .... but they are getting shorter

if you add kids with their ministry of sound .... and lime wire and all the dodgy music and torrent file swapping sites .... they need lots more protection (in every sense)
sorry ethel - not getting at you ... ;-)

to put it into perspective .... I have a machine without anything - I've been trying to infect it for almost 6 months - and all i've got is a few popups and some low level stuff.
So why worry, if that is the case?

AVG is highly rated by many - eg /avg-antivirus-free-edition

Don't forget that all computer magazines and so on rely on advertising - criticising a major brand could mean a huge loss of revenue.

But of course, if you are happy to pay �50 per year, that's fine.

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Many thanks Ethel and AC for your responses. I have had no trouble with AVG before and have just been upgraded to version 8 as I had to have a new hard drive. I got a virus on the very first day and have never ever had one before. I will perhaps read into tiscali spy guard but as I dont have broadband it will take forever to download if I decide to buy it. From what I have read and learned on other questions, I have to say Ethel that you usually give very good answers, despite other people trying to argue with you - no disrespect meant to you AC.
none taken - like all insurance, you hope it's always going to be a waste of money....
it just seems an idea to hear one version of the other side of the story (and there are many!).

having said that ... I bought some anti-elephant spray from a bloke a few weeks ago ... very reasonable �10 a tin .... it took 15 tins to do the whole drive .... but it's worked .... not seen any elephants in the garage
Question Author
lol lol lol Is it that good it will get rid of those darned giant flying ants. my sister has paid �100 to get rid of them from her spare bedroom but they have just reappeared in another room.

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