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How does this site ban users?

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boogieboogie | 21:06 Sun 03rd Aug 2008 | Technology
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Are they banned only by username, or common information, does anyone know. And why don't they ban users by IP address as some of you may notice there is a freak posting sh*t all the time under different usernames, some really offensive porn links etc so why don't AB ban his IP address..


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Dynamic ip address. Turn the modem off, and it will have a different ip address when it is turned back on.
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Thanks, I'm not clued up on tech stuff.. so the freak's got a new toy to play with.. I see.. Question605065.html

Look at Buenchico reply. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be that simple.
pretty sure they don't even ban IP's, don't think they ban by anything other than username, people then can just register another email address and username in a few minutes!
If you are referring to sir gravy and some similarly named contributors I agree. Not only are the postings a waste of time this poster is using a code to change the appearance of other postings, It's like a dog leaving its mark
It takes days for AB to remove reported questions.

Would it be possible for new members (those in green) to have to wait a day before they can post, by which time the alcohol may have worn off?

I certainly think it would be reasonable to limit AB users to say 5 new questions a day
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actually you've just reminded me, when I first registered for this site I made an email address up (because i didn't want spam) so not even a real email address is necessary.
The only real way to stop it is to make users register a credit or debit card, and they are not going to do that.
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A good idea Factor.. a question allowance sounds good. I know of another site where you have to build up answer points in order for you to progress to questions, which can take some weeks.
I don't know why people feed [IT] with a response.
Yes I agree Boogie and made the suggestion to the AB editor yesterday, regarding banning IP addresses. All the crap from a small cluck of individuals needs to stop, it makes it unpleasant for those of us who just want to use the site, for what it's supposed to be for. Instead of receiving insults all the time.
There is so much that could be done with this site if only they listed and tried.
Actually the idea of limiting a new user to so many question per hour or whatever is a great one.

Suppose a new user signs up and submits a question. They have to wait one hour for the next question.

Then they have to wait 2 hours for the next question.

Then 3 hours for the next and so on.

Only after they have been registered say 1 month is this limit removed.
Do the administrators of the site care what goes on or will they ever take any suggestions or complaints seriously.
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It's either one or two people. No more or less. I guess it's just the one who is responding to himself when no one else does. It's pretty obvious with the same spelling errors and language used (bint) for example.
I guess it's one individual which makes it a very sad affair indeed.
I had the feeling that it was a group of 3 but you may be right. I know they're running riot - maybe a little over the top -in Animals and Nature and I'm concerned that genuine new members are being put of by some of the ridiculous postings. Is there no way 'greenies' can be warned and then banned if they post junk? It's a bit harsh I know but it's even putting me off visiting and this place is pretty much what the internet was designed for - people helping people.
I think all this talk of banning people is all a little disturbing .... the best and probably only way to get rid of a troll is not to feed it ...... and a ban is a full 5 course meal

surely any form of censorship is bad ... on a board for kids absolutely - I'd be all in favour .... but here ...??
OK with porn links (I have enough already) ... they should be removed ... (and tiny urls should be banned) - but is pretty obvious - it's like the off button on your telly - just don't

but tell me - just who do I have to agree with to stop myself being removed?

and if the job goes to someone who just hasn't got anything better to do ....
even worse - what happens if you all have to agree with me?

it's a two edged sword I think I'd rather have a world full of idiots than a world full of yes people (it would be too much like being at work) .... if you ned somewhere fluffy ... stay under the bed ... a little grit never hurt anyone ...
It is so sad that it only needs one persistent nutter to spoil a pleasant environemt such as AB.
I think AC has made some important points re. banning people - the start of censorship can be insidious. But on the other hand it is clear that children and young people do use this site and links to porn are not what they should be exposed to.
The idea of a timed validation for new users is excellent and I hope this is taken up by the website managers.
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How does this site ban users?

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