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bww12pwcf | 19:15 Thu 14th Feb 2008 | Technology
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Does anyone know how to remove Linux (Kbuntu) from hard disk?


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I would use a linux boot disk and use it to format the drive holding the O/S
I`m having same problem, just bought a computer with linux installed, thinking I could use windows install disk to delete the drive and then install windows. (there is only one drive taken up by linux) If you have windows and linux, you should be able to use windows disc to delete the drive containing linux.
Googled this info today, but haven`t tried it yet as I need to buy a floppy disc.

Good Evening The Infinity, occasionally you will find situations where the drive partitioning is difficult to remove by other tools.

There are a lot of really good free tools avaiable but the most useful one for you is probably the Madboot floppy disk. This can be made from an image located here..
Ensure you use a perfect floppy. Download the free program into a windows machine and operate it from there to create your bootable floppy.
You can make a bootable CD with it also.

This is a very useful technical tool, when you boot to it, simply run the low level format, this will write zeros to the entire drive and no further problem will be experienced with any of the partitions or files that were on it.
You can also do a few drive tests, fdisk or Gdisk with it or initiate installations.
There are some other programs on it that should not be operated, like clearing BIOS settings and stuff like that.

Once your drive is zero written the Windows disk and it's format should operate normally.
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Thanks for your advice, which has been noted.

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