Freeview nightmare

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fruitloop21 | 18:20 Thu 14th Feb 2008 | Technology
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Can anyone tell me why all my channel 4 and ITV channels are not working on my freeview. I have re-scanned and I still can't watch the channels because the pictures are all scrambled. Is it because I have an analog aerial instead of digital. I live on the south coast which I believe could be a weak area, a lot of my friends are having the same please?!


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If you have never received a good freeview picture, and your neighbour's aren't getting a good picture - and the signal is weak - it is because you are not in a reception area yet and can't get it.
You can check what channels you should be able to get by putting your post code into the freeview site.
Did you and your friends have good reception previously, and this has happened in the last 48 hours? If so, probably due to interference from France, caused by the current atmospheric high pressure - technically known as tropospheric ducting.
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Yes I did have good reception before this started to happen as soon as the weather got sunny! I think it must be atmospheric then because we do have freeview in the area! Thanks Ethel, Gromit and 4candles for help... think I'll have to wait for the weather to go bad!!!
Well at least you still have the analogue alternative - at least for now, until they turn it off.

I find the Freeview signals not as good as the analogue version.
You need to change your aerial to a wide-band .The thing is that aerials come in three groups,a, b, and c/d. You have one of those.Where your transmitter once transmitted on just one of those bands ,the digital signal uses all three
hence the need of a wide-band aerial. If you live close to the transmitter there is no need to spend a lot on an aerial.
I got mine from Focus for �8.99. The cowboys of course
will tell you that you need one of their elaborate ones for
around �150.00
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Yes analogue seems better luckily we are not due to go digital til 2012!
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Thanks charleshenry ... did wonder whether a new aerial might do the trick. Think I'll get one at the weekend then.
Check here first fruitloop, if you know which transmitter you use. (analogue) (digital)

There is no such thing as an 'analogue' aerial or a 'digital' aerial. Some analogue transmitters need a wideband aerial, and some digital transmitters need a grouped aerial. The above site will give you the channel numbers and whether you need a grouped or wideband aerial, and also where to point it.

Don't heed the last column - 'antanna suggestion' - it's always very pessimistic!
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Thanks for the websites 4candles... I need wideband!
Cheers for help
OK fruit - good luck!

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Freeview nightmare

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