recording freeview through video recorder

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kelsarad | 16:32 Fri 25th Jan 2008 | Technology
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I have set my freeview box up and want to record channels onto my video. I know I have it set up right as when I put the tv guide on freeview I can see and record this onto video, but the minute I select a channel(take tv guide off) the picture dissapears but the sound remains, Please help as I've been trying for weeks to fathom this out.


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I assume your video recorder is fairly old and does't have a digital tuner. If I'm wrong all this will be useless info.

You need to set the video to record the channel you get freeview on. It will be EXT 1, EXT 2, AV1 ... depending how you have connected everything up.

The freeview box will have to be on, and on the station you want to record for the whole time it is recording.
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Tried that and get nowhere. I can record the channels sound but no picture. I can also record the picture when I put either the tv guide or text through freeview but as soon as I sselect a chennel the picture goes off. That's what is baffling me.

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recording freeview through video recorder

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