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Whiskery Ron | 13:20 Wed 23rd Jan 2008 | Technology
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Hi mate,could you please answer last question to recent posting by fourteen85 re SkyHD,I'm waiting for your answer with bated breath.Cheers.Ron.


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so am I
I'm not an expert ... but google found this without any problems (hint! ;-)
lookee here e-jack-line-extension-kit-dect-extender-prodid -155.html
The problem with that link is it is not compatible with Sky HD, so still could do with a reply from cheater

I think you missed part of the point
the real point was google

I was suggesting being a little more proactive ..... rather than waiting for the solution being handed on a plate .... have a go with google .... provide the answer instead of waiting for it
(of course if cheater answers ... you can confirm your effort)
i was waiting for the answer too!
I have tried googling but to no avail, everything that I seem to find says not compatible with Sky + or Sky HD, Maplins website EG, so I was hoping that Cheater may know of something that definately works, I wasn't being idle

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