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Whiskery Ron | 21:16 Wed 09th Jan 2008 | Technology
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Can anyone help. My wife is having to stay in bed through sickness, I have managed to aquire a Philips Baby Monitor so that I can keep aware of her needs without her having to shout to me whilst I am downstairs.The problem is of course that the monitor is only one way.Is there a way to adapt so that I have two way conversation?.


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Unfortunately, it's not possible. (It's a bit like expecting the radio in your living room to send your voice back to the BBC. The circuitry simply doesn't allow it).

If you've both got mobile phones (on tariffs which don't cost an arm and a leg) the solution seems obvious. Otherwise the cheapest wireless solution would be to buy a pair of walkie talkies. The really cheap ones (around �15 per pair) can get through batteries at an alarming rate. It would be better to buy a pair which come with a base unit for charging the built-in rechargeable batteries. They're available from Maplins, Argos or larger branches of Tesco for around �20.

Most twin handset landline telephones are equiped with handset to handset coms for free
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chris & cami .Thanks to you both, I'll have to consider walkie talkies.Ron.
If you buy a couple of wireless phones with comms so they can communicate with each other then you will get more use out of them as once the wife gets better you will never use the walkie-talkies again and the phones you will use every day ....

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