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how do you trace ad ware on your computer

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mucko | 17:18 Wed 26th May 2004 | Technology
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i recently noticed a new shortcut on my IE explorer toolbar sor lycos search assistant - i deleted it but i'm getting 2-3 popups with every web page i visit! how do you stop it?! i dont know if i have a virus because i'm also having problems with windown media player as decribed in a question i posted yesterday? please help!


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p.s when i visit web pages - certain words have a green line under them which is a like to a search page relating to that word (i.e video, kazaa, shopping)! there's obviously a program running on my machine - NO I DON'T WANT FAKE TAN OR A 12" PENIS! 8.5" IS ENOUGH!!)
....but ad-aware does have it's own spyware embedded!

You could do worse than spybot search and destroy available here:

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thanks folks - i'll have a go. darn thing thinks i drink brazilian ground coffee beans?!?!
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or coffee made from them should i say :P
Ad-aware and Spybot S&D are both excellent, free and updatable, but IMHO a superior solution (sadly not free) is Pest Patrol - its the poodles testes of spyware detection/removal programs. You can run a free scan from their website to check for nasties and download/purchase the software here - - good luck!
Hi mucko, my sweetie. I had the same problems too. A friend advised me to download a good virus checker, and I found I was riddled with Trojans. Then I used Adaware *and* Spybot and by the end of the afternoon my PC was clean again! No more annoying pop-ups, and my PC seemed to work twice as quickly!
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your a little hunny katie xx

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how do you trace ad ware on your computer

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