Go with Virgin for TV or stay with Sky ?

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vehelpfulguy | 18:27 Thu 12th Jul 2007 | Technology
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I am thinking of going to Virgin for TV but I am not sure if Virgin is as good as Sky.

I currently have Sky for TV and I am paying 53.50 a month for a Sky in 2 rooms (multiroom). One is Sky+ box the other is an ordinairy Sky box. I have the full TV package. Cost of Sky is going up soon.

I also have cable in my street (it was Telewest, now Virgin) and I have a landline phone and broadband (4mb) that is costing me �36 a month.

I am tempted to ditch Sky and take TV from Virgin as it will probably work out cheaper overall to get everything from Virgin.

(I cannot get broadband from Sky as it is not available in my area yet).

Anyone got Virgin TV and how does it compare with Sky ?

Is the V+ box any good ?


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My personal opinion would be to stick with Sky.

I had NTL Cable TV for 4 years, and I lost count of the times it broke down. Common faults were channels disappearing one day, and returning the next, the picture often stuck (sometimes for hours), and the picture often went pixelated.

I got completely fed up with it all in the end, and about a year ago I had a Sky dish installed.I have not had a problem since.

Also, I believe you can no longer get channel Sky 1 with Virgin.

I still have a Virgin 20MB Broadband (�34.99 pm) and a Virgin landline which I dont use much so it only costs me about �5 a month, and I am really pleased with both of these services.It was just the Virgin TV that drove me mad.

I have just finished with sky. I had the sky + box and was paying 53.50 per month.

I now am on a VIP package with vigin media. I get unlimited phone calls, 20 mb internet and all the sky channels for 85.00 per month. This also gives me a v+ box downstairs that does exactly the same as the sky + box and another upstairs for free.

The only channels i do not have are sky 1, sky news and sky sports news. They were cr=p anyway. I have had no problems with the virgin media package.
I have Virgin media package , large tv , and medium phone and broadband , all of which serve my needs .The tv has recently lost Sky 1 and some other Sky channels . The telephone is free local calls weekends. The broadband has an excellent speed in my area. I pay �30 a month for this package.
If you want crap customer service; go with Sky, if you want even crappier customer service; go with Virgin.

Personally, I love the Sky+ functionality, the Sky+ remote and free broadband (if it is available in one's area).

i have virgin phone and broadband which i have had no trouble with whatsoever. Did have sky but the broadband never came and my friend has been told he has to wait 12 months to get the broadband which comes free with the tele. Go to virgin there honest and dont have hidden charges like the �11 line rental they tell you about LATER

Well you have helped us a out a lot on here vhg and glad to assist you for a change.
We were with ntl (virgin now) for over a year and have just changed to the full sky package with 8 meg sky+ box an extra box upstairs and unlimited landline calls and are paying less a month than with ntl and all we had with them was the basic sky package and sports + unlimited landline calls and 2 meg.
Also the ntl box was so slow when you go into the proggrame list and was forever freezing and had to be re booted.
Sky do have there probs as with any other servers but have been with them now for around 4 months and there is no way in hell that I would ever go back to ntl, or anybody else to think about it.

Stick with sky. It is far superior.I had an awful time with virgin and now have sky + and another box upstairs .Also if you swap to BT you get ALL your phone calls through sky for just �5 per month and if you cannot get sky broadband you can get BT broadband for under �8. Trouble is with virgin is that really it is still N T disguise

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