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Ace001 | 20:27 Fri 06th Jul 2007 | Technology
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Does the virgin telephone service come through the BT phone port? I've had virgin telephone installed (plus TV and broadband) but I wasn't there at the time. I tried to connect a phone to the BT socket and I'm getting a dialling tone but when I dial I get a message from 'Talk Talk' saying I need to join to use the phone. 'Talk talk' was the previous provider. There is another port what I'm not sure if its new but its a dead line. Its a new flat and I'm not sure whether there was 1 or 2 ports there before.



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Virgin don't use the phone line at all. They use their own cables - you should have a socket that looks the same as the old bt one. YOu can plug any phone in to it.
Because Virgin is a cable company try & see where the cable comes into your flat & trace the cable to the phone port. The ports are very similar(BT & Virgin). I think the ''dead'' one is the virgin line.You'll have to contact Virgin from another phone line & get them to investigate. Hope you get it sorted,Ron.

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Virgin Telephone Setup

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