Wireless nonsense

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Bruizedapple | 09:25 Thu 21st Jun 2007 | Technology
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Hi all - any advice you could give would be greatly received!

Recently tried to wep encrypt my wireless, it all went wrong. The modem is working, the belkin card is registering and I can access the router homepage but I can't access the internet.

Have contacted AOL tech and they say its the wireless client, so uninstalled and re-installed it and nothing.

But on the router homepage if I click connect it keeps saying authentication failed!


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Did it work before you set wireless encryption?
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Yup - worked fine.
Bit slow cos it was clearly being used by half the street, but worked
Just to rule out it being the wireless client, I would physically connect using a LAN cable, just temporarily, and see if you can connect to the internet.

But, to be honest, if you can connect to the router's home page, then the encryption is obviously set up correctly, and AOL are talking out of their ****. If you are getting "..authentication failed..", then this may be a problem with your ISP connection settings. Is the internet LED illuminated?
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Hmm actually, I tried it with the ethernet connection the other night and it still didn't work. Although I wasn't very patient with it.

The LED is lit up like a christmas tree.
Meant to add that when I suggested incorrect ISP connection settings, I am typically talking about the username & password, if these are wrong, you would get the "CHAP authentication failed" message. But if other settings are incorrect (e.g. Multiplexing Mode, VCI & VPI) you can also get this message.

For AOL, the settings used to be:

Multiplexing Method: LLC Based
VPI: 0
VCI: 38

Also, some people have to set the MTU to 1400, else certain sites won load, and you can have problems sending emails. But ALL these details should be contained in an email/letter from AOL.

Also when configuring the router, add after your user name.

You then have to change how AOL connects from your modem to a LAN connection.

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Wireless nonsense

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