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Self Winding Watch does it need to keep going ?

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tellboy | 13:08 Tue 29th May 2007 | Technology
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An advert for a gadget to keep an automatic watch going when not worn all the time says it is harmful to let the watch wind down or stop and have a detrimental effect on its timekeeping.
They would say that wouldn't they but is it true ?


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I've had an Oris automatic watch for years and it's been left to run down on dozens of occasions without any detrimental effect on it's accuracy.
A good quality self winder (Omega, Breitling, Rolex etc) should be fine.
I've got an Omega Seamaster and a Breitling Hercules which I swap over sporadically. When I restart them after a period of rest, they get back to keeping a normal level of accuracy within 12 hours (the Omega slightly longer but still less than 24 hours). neither of them have suffered at all in the years I've owned them and both still keep time within the Chronometer tolerance.

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Self Winding Watch does it need to keep going ?

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