Phishing eBay email?

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minesapint | 17:39 Sat 19th May 2007 | Technology
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I've received an email that claims to be from eBay complete but without any logos ie the entire email is text only.

It's not addressesd to me personally, but to "undisclosed recipients" from "The Account Review Department"
It states:

"Please visit the resolution center located here

to verify your identity and avoid the blocking of your account."

PayPal Account Review Department
PayPal,an eBay Company"

Now my account has been running for quite some time without any problems. I don't want to click on the link in case it downloads a virus or trojan etc as the rest of the address after the "com" reads:


Could I please have some advice on the best thing to do.



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send me your money rather than this amature pfisher ;-)

seriously no legitimate site would ever ask you for any personal details other than your security question.

When I ring my bank the conversation normally starts with my security questions (with them asking me) then something on the lines of - you booked a holiday 35th of june last year ... what was the name of the company you booked with?

If you look on the (real) paypal site you should see a link for suspected fraud forward the e-mail there and they will try to follow it.
Do no believe this trash at all.

Sometimes eBay do actually send text only e-mails but they will ALWAYS put in your ID and your real name to show that is was actually generated from their database.

Anything that is either from "undisclosed recipients" or anyone elses ID is fake. Just ignore this e-mail and mark it as spam.

If it doubt go to PayPal by actually typing into your address bar and double check. I mean you can't go wrong if you type it in yourself because you know exactly where you're going, there's no devious fake websites or scams.
Just delete it, or if you really want to know, forward it to [email protected] and let them tell you to delete it :-)
Question Author
Thank you all for your advice.

I'll delete it this time but if I get any more I'll forward them on.

Thanks again.

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Phishing eBay email?

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