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Microsoft Publisher - Freewebs

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Roden | 00:27 Fri 09th Feb 2007 | Technology
2 Answers
Ive created a website on microsoft publisher the website has 5 different pages with a navigation bar on each page.
I have uploaded this file to and when i go to the main paig the other pages on the navigation bar cannot be found.

How do i upload the file so that when the home page is accessed all the other pages can be accessed from the navigation bar??

is there a type of format i should save the original file from? Im not great with computers so nothing to advanced thank you.

thanks for the help



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The first thing to say is that Publisher is an entirely inappropriate program for producing a web site. It's rather like using Excel to write a letter.

Having said that, if you put a link to your web site here, I or one of the other ABers can almost certainly tell you waht you need to change to make it work.
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i removed it from freewebs atm, i know its not really great to make one, but i know u can and just wonder why it doesnt work...

I have a website designed on publisher and it has 5 pages (all of these are on the Nav Bar)

But when i upload the file the only page accessable is the Home page - when i click on the nav bar it doesnt go to the other pages in my website? whys that?

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Microsoft Publisher - Freewebs

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