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nigidivitch | 16:58 Wed 30th Jul 2003 | Technology
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I'm trying to work out a best-fit line on some data in an excel table. The best line I have gives the following polynomial equation - y = -0.000003470335726347970x^5 + 0.000613032453322226000x^4 - 0.041248437921524300000x^3 + 1.318503061423140000000x^2 - 22.092654352076300000000x + 453.588166726578000000000 However if I try to calculate y by inputting values of x it seems to give me really weird answers. Is this a known problem in Excel, or am I being stupid?


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In the absence of any enlightening answers I suggest that you google *polynomial equation excel* where you will find a number of good sites to explain this. The first that comes up is Microsofts and if you are still stumped you can contact them for help.
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Cheers Drochit - was just doing that as you posted your response! Have since plugged an easier equation into Excel and then asked the graph wizard to plot a polynomial trendline and to give me the equation, however the equation it gives me is very different to the one I gave it!? d'you reckon this is my fault? Probably, but as they say in certain parts of Canada - Je suis stumped!!

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