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Have a Web Page pull info from Excel or Access

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jimmycal77 | 14:11 Wed 25th Oct 2006 | Technology
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I administer a website for the darts team that I play for (no sniggering please).

I collect stats from every game (3dart average, checkout etc). I feed all this into a spreadsheet which then calculates winning percentages, averages for the season and so on.
Each player has there own player page (on the site and in the spreadsheet) which contains statistical information relating to them for the season.
We also have a main player page which contains information for all players so the chaps can compare how they are doing against other members of the team.
This has proved to be very useful for checking player form and performance etc, so much so we are currently top of the league!!

The problem I have is that all the statistical information is updated manually on these pages. What I would like is to have the web pages actively pull their respective data from a data source, be it the excel spreadsheet or an access database that would be stored on the site.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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You need to venture into the world of server side pages. ASP or ASP.NET would best be suited for accessing Excel / Access using ADO / ADO.NET, though PHP could be used too using ODBC.

You will need to see what your host supports in terms of these technologies.
Some more info here for ASP.NET :

If your host supports ASP.NET, I'll be able to help some more if you need me to.
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Thanks for your response.

Just checked my ISP and they use ChiliSoft version 3.6.2S.1032 for ASP as they have UNIX web servers rather than Microsoft.

I can use PHP as version 4.2.2 is installed on the webservers.

I'll have a look through the link you sent me and see what I can make from it
If it's Unix based servers, then avoid ASP. PHP is the only option really. I wouldn't trust a company trying to emulate an MS technology on a Unix server, though I have heard good things about Chillisoft..

As I suspected, Chillisoft's ASP only supports MySQL and Postgres databases and not Access or Excel.

If you really needed to use Excel or Access, then I think you'll have to move to a Microsoft server.

Question Author
Thats a bit of a bummer.

The more I looked into it, the greater the likelihood was that I was going to struggle in getting it to work on a UNIX based server.

Thanks anyway.

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Have a Web Page pull info from Excel or Access

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