AVI Decompression help, again

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PuddingTime | 00:28 Fri 27th Jun 2003 | Technology
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I have an Archos Multimedia Player. I can play video on it, but first I must convert whatever AVI file I wish to watch, using a program called MPEG-4 Translator v1.8. However, when I try and convert certain files (which are AVI), it comes up with this mesage - 'Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'MPG4' (Microsoft High-Speed MPEG-4 )'. I was just wondering if anyone knew where to find a decompressor for MPG4, and because i was offered one pretty much useless answer, I've had to repost this question, no big deal really.Thanks.


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First get 'g-spot' load your avi into it and it will tell you the codec used to encode the file. Once you know the name of the codec you should be able to do a google search and find it fairly easily. Personally, I don't like the codec packs which can cause problems, so I install them one by one as I need them. You shouldn't need to convert the files, I don't know about Archos, but most players will play any avi as long as the codec is on your system. You could also try 'virtualdub' if you do need to convert - pretty good and also free. Hope this is of help.
yeah, soz. pudding time.
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Thanks, it was a big help :)

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AVI Decompression help, again

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