Msn messeneger problems... yahoo messenger?

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isj032 | 17:34 Fri 06th Oct 2006 | Technology
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I'm having trouble setting up a second net passport account on windows messenger live for my little brother, it works fine with my account but he needs one seperate.
He has his own hotmail account but can't login on messenger with that.
Is there a way around this?
Is Yahoo messenger compatable with windows messenger? Could i use msn to send instant messages to him at Yahoo? This is all on one computer accross two different accounts using windows XP.
Has anybody else encountered such problems?


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ive an idea

use, sign in usng your email address and password using the right IM he uses, and he can chat to his friends using that
hey df_fc, thanks for posting about that site- i've been having problems with msn messenger and can only use windows messenger because of some firewall on my internet. do you know if there's any way of getting to my hotmail account without going through or because these won't open! :S merci

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Msn messeneger problems... yahoo messenger?

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