what happens to warrenties when I resell a dell product?

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what..the? | 10:31 Tue 03rd Oct 2006 | Technology
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I have an server which was miss-sold to me in feb this year I have argued the case with Dell since then about returning the item, as it is not suitable for its purpose they refuse to allow me to return the item.

I have now come to terms with the fact I have to resell it at a loss - of course on ebay but I do not know what happens to the warrenties etc. My order form states I have:

-Base Warranty

-1 year next business day on-site service

-upgrade to 3 years next nextday in-site service-Upg to bronze 3Y NBD Premier Enterprise Support.

I said that I did not want any of the warranties and 'crap' but I was told it came as standard. Therefore as I have already been coned into buying a server for �750 I do not need and is still boxed, I do not know whether they have sold me extra warranties I do not need because I said I did not want any?

Please could someone tell me what I have been sold and how do I resell the item with these warranties on ebay. Are these warranties etc out of date as the item was sold the feb this year even though the server has not been used and therefore nothing has been registered or anything???


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If you really think you were mis sold the server (for whatever reason) then contact Which magazine and see if they will contact Dell on your behalf.

Which love this sort of thing and may even feature it in their magazine.

Dell may find the bad publicity generated by Which may be worth more than �750 so will agree to take back the server.
As a follow on to my last update.

I work in computers, so I am interested in why you think you were mis sold the server.

How does what they sold you differ from what you wanted ?
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I phoned Dell and told them I had no IT knowledge but that I needed 2 desktops and a way to connect them so we could at times access word documents from which other computers, but I told them I could not spend more than a �1,000 and it had to be basic to use and maintain as neither of us have IT knowledge and we had no IT guy in our firm - there is only two members of staff. I told him we would run word, excel and email but that was all.

He sold me the desktops and the servers and told me there was no other way to connect the pcs other than with the server I said that it was too expensive but he confirmed it was the only way. So he sent me the paperwork too check I told him I could not read any of it as it was IT jargon, he talked me through it. I asked to remove the combo drive from the server and have one each in the desktops instead and I asked would the system/network be easy to setup and would everything be included, he said yes.
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The order was then delivered when the office was closed as we had no phonecall to arrange delivery like we were told. The order was left with strangers and the one box was damaged. I unboxed the order to find the server had only one network slot - I thought it would have two and no network cables. So I phoned and a tech guy at dell said ' I do not understand why you have been sold this' and that I need to buy a hub and network cable to solve the problem. I said this is not on I feel like this is all too complicted for me to setup I think the sales poerson was wrong when he said a person with no IT knowledge could setup an network with a server.

They said they would call me back to arrange return they never did and hung up if I called. I since spoke to a friend in IT who said that we did not even need a server for are business and just a router �50. He came in and set it up for us and we have been running with the router great ever since the server is still sat in its box.

We have contacted dell who said at first it could not be returned because it was bought through their business site and I said that I was transferred there and we are a small firm two people with more of a home business we did not need or want the business site.

They then change to we will not allow return because it beleive you were sold the correct item. We asked how they could think that a �750 server is suitable for a 2 person office. They then said that ' Ispoke to the salesperon about my company expanding and that would explain the server being suitable - this is a complete lie as we will never expand we work husband and wife from home.

We have argued it since feb with dell and they will show no proof of the conversation which their whole arguement is hinged. I spoke to the actual salesperson the other day he was extremely rude and said "well you agreed to it"
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Ps the combo drive I asked to be removed from the server was not removed. And that as I did not understand the order form and he talked me through it he verbally agreed it had been removed???
It does sound as though you were over sold the technology.

As you have found out, you can share data on each others machines WITHOUT a server.

I would try to escalate this through Dell management. Ask to speak to a manager. Speak to more than one manager if you can.

Say you have gone to Which magazine and say they are looking into it, they will make them sit up and take notice.

This could give Dell some bad publicity if they dont look after you so i would make as much "noise" as you can.

I would also go to Which magazine.

Some computer magazines also do a complaints page where they look into problems like this for you.

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what happens to warrenties when I resell a dell product?

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