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Missing Graphics Card

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SBell2406 | 20:32 Tue 05th Sep 2006 | Technology
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Bit of an odd one...trying to load Google Earth and after instalation, it says it "can't identify my graphics card which is probably because the driver for my graphics card has not been installed."
I've downloaded AIDA32 (as suggested on another graphic related post) and going to Display and GPU and it's showing nothing. Also been to Run and typed in dxdiag which has found nothing!
I'm a total beginner when it comes to computers, but surely I must have a graphics card, right?
Any other ideas on how to make Google Earth work too!


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Hiya SBell2406

Can't help with Google Earth, but when everything else is working ok that should be a breeze.

I don't know where you got your driver from but I don't think you can beat getting it from the manufacturers. Obviously I don't know who they are but there should be some reference to them either on the card itself or in the software.

I'd go to their 'Support' (or whatever it's called) then Drivers, then there's usually some type of pull-down menus for OS, Model etc., narrowing down the options until you arrive at the one for you.

It'll either be an .exe file which you merely download and double-click to install it, or a set of .dlls which you'll have to steer the drivers update to from the Control Panal (Control Panel - System - Hardware tab - Device Manager - then click the +sign next to the Display adaptors. Right-hand click these and choose update drivers and steer it towards those .dlls.

It may be an idea to try this even if you haven't downloaded the latest drivers as Windows have a wealth of them each one may be better than the one you've got now.

If you need any further help, just come back.
Question Author
Hmmm...I think I need to go a bit further back to basics I'm afraid!
Problem No. 1 - I didn't get the computer from a 'reputable manufacturer' (I don't mean it fell off the back of a lorry or anything!) but we didn't buy it from Dell, PC World etc. We had it built for us at a computer shop and they installed all the software etc.
Recently it got a virus and so we took it back to the shop who re-installed everything....which lead to Problem No. 2 in that we don't have any software for it either!
Think I undertsand what you're saying about downloading the driver from the relevant manufacturer's site but I don't know where to start looking on the internet (as i don't know the type/model of graphics card) and I'm reluctant to take it back to the shop where it's from as they charge an extortionate fee to even look at it!
Really appreciate your help!
Download Belarc advisor from this site (freeware) 5
The program runs and displays everything about your computer so you will be able to find out what card you are using.
It's a nifty program to have!
Question Author
Right, think I've got it....would it make sense if I said it was a VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP?
Now I just need to go onto the VIA website and download the right driver, yeah?
Question Author
this is a nightmare. Don't know why these things always seem to be so difficult!
I've found the driver that I need, I've downloaded it, unzipped it, I'm now trying to install it and i keep getting messages saying 'Setup was unable to complete the instalation. Check the progress log in your Windows directory'
How is that helpful?! Bloody computers!

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Missing Graphics Card

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